Sound Oracle Vocaine (Glitched Vocal Loops) Standard

Introducing Vocaine (Glitched Vocal Loops)

Designers: SoundOracle x Realistic Produtions
Writer & Arranger: Hailey Ward
Vocalist & Songwriter: Alexis Krystine, Pharoah, and Jeff Gavin
Sometimes we need a little boost to take our production to the next level. Well, your local Vibe Dealer, , is here. Teaming up with Realistic Productions, SoundOracle (Sound Designer for Timbaland) introduces to you his latest vocal sample kit, Vocaine. An epic stash of glitched vocals, Vocaine provides you with dope textures and rhythms that can be easily used in place of regular synths and instruments and take your production up a notch. As a great way to grab the attention of a listener, these vocal loops are the perfect substance to add to your collection. Trust us, just a little hit of Vocaine is sure to have you on a creative high.

Vocaine features 25 original vocal loop compositions (plus optional stems and MIDI chord progressions) that have been mixed by a professional certified engineer. With each loop coming in both dry and wet (effected) versions, plus a version with the pick up notes and tails. All loops were meticulously and strategically, designed and treated to provide you industry ready sounds.

Available in 2 different flavors, the standard edition of Vocaine comes with a total of 75 high quality, stereo vocal loops (25 dry loops, 25 wet loops, 25 loops with pick up notes and tails). The deluxe version of Vocaine comes with the same 75 high quality, stereo vocal loops, but also includes the associated stems for each of those vocal loops (total of 407 audio files), and 25 midi chord progressions, 1 for each composition. Either way you go, you are sure to be addicted to these alluring glitched vocals.