Soo100 Brand Tartar Sauce



Soo100 Brand presents Tartar Sauce MPC Expansion bringing you 101 multisampled unique keygroups made with synthesizers and microphones loaded with Brass, Keys, Bells, Pads, Leads, and much more.

This MPC Expansion was created and optimized for Akai MPC users to use in standalone mode and MPC Software. Using the MPC as a controller to MPC Software, users have access to 3rd party VST plugins and the use of the computers RAM, Processors, and Storage as long as a computer is attached.

When using the MPC in standalone mode the RAM is Limited to 2GB and no access to your favorite plugins. With Soo100 Brand MPC Expansions, up to 24 keygroups can be loaded into memory at once in standalone mode. That’s two dozen instruments ready to use in your projects outside of your studio.

Product details:
• 101 Akai MPC Keygroups
• Accordion x1
• Bass x9
• Bell x9
• Brass x9
• Choir x1
• Flute x3
• Guitar x9
• Keys x9
• Lead x10
• Organ x10
• Pad x8
• Perc x2
• Pluck x3
• String x9
• Synth x7
• Wind x2

• 2455 WAV files
• All Files are 44 KHz / 16 Bit
• Over 1.4 GB of content