Pad Pimps – The Majestic


Pad Pimps ‘The Majestic’ MPC Piano Expansion

Transform your MPC into a virtual vintage piano with ‘The Majestic’ from Pad Pimps, a stunning collection of three beautifully multisampled acoustic pianos in MPC expansion format!

Inside the expansion you’ll find three acoustic piano programs that offer a range of highly usable vintage tones, with an exquisite concert grand, a versatile mini grand and a mellow antique upright, all recorded over 4 dynamic levels to capture the organic nuances and tonal variations of each piano.

All programs have been carefully optimised for standalone MPC to ensure minimal memory and CPU usage and are fully pre-mapped and ready to play out-of-the-box. Simply load up and begin creating your own piano performances using your pads (PAD PERFORM mode fully supported) or via an attached MIDI keyboard.

The provided XPN is suitable for installation in MPC Software 2.x and 1.9 and also comes with program previews, demo sequences and sample tagging for the Media Browser. The Majestic can also be easily exported for ‘standalone’ use in the MPC X & MPC Live (install instructions and usage tips can be found in the included user guide).

‘The Majestic’ from Pad Pimps; the perfect go-to expansion for any MPC producer looking to create their own vintage-sounding piano riffs, chords and melodies using nothing but their MPC!

Product Specifications:

• 346 WAV samples (24 bit) & three keygroup programs (XPM)
• 4 dynamic layers per keygroup, velocity switched
• XPN installer, compatible with MPC Software 2.x and 1.9
• Suitable for MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Touch, MPC Studio, MPC Renaissance and any other compatible MPC Software controller.
• 348MB of content