MVP Loops Vocal World Vol 2

Following the success of Vocal World Vol 1 MVP Loops is proud to present Vocal World Vol. 2.  Vocal World Vol. 2 is a special product giving you many different textures to enhance your music productions.  Whether you are doing urban, dance, pop, experimental or anything in between you can find something very useful for your productions.

What makes Vocal World Vol. 2 special and that of the Vocal World series is that we always give you a combinations of hook, loops, riffs, and one shots.  In addition we process the vocals giving you a dry version, clean version, and 2 special FX versions that are incredible.

You can mix and match these vocals to create completely different hooks, or use these vocals to be the backdrop of your melody on a new beat.  The possibilities are endless really.

All sounds were processed through high end outboard gear and converters to give you the sound you have come to expect from MVP Loops.

Download Vocal World Vol. 2 today and create something special.