MVP Loops Apex


If you had to describe the APEX product in one word, it would be Gigantic!  And we aren’t just talking about the size of the product with is 20 massive construction kits featuring 2200 loops, one-shots, riffs, and samples, we are talking about how BIG the recordings sound!  APEX is truly a special product produced in collaboration with Trevor Lawrence Jr, John Stanley, and Donald Johnson with Dan Antunovich on bass and Kamil Rustam on guitar!  This is an Allstar team of musicians and producers who are responsible for millions of records sold in the music industry, and massive sound design on movie hits like Man of Steel!  We decided to bring the best of both world’s together and give you an Urban Cinematic product you won’t soon forget.
The Foundation:  It all starts with the drums!  Trevor Lawrence Jr aka “Drumpimp” and world-renowned engineer Rich Niles put together a collection of drum kits that lays an incredible foundation for this product including a massive 23 mics!  Because of such a large selection of mics, you can create nearly countless numbers of tones.  Trevor featured the Instanbul ClapStack which he was instrumental in developing with the company, and of course as one of the best drummers on the planet. He played live on the entire product giving you pockets that are perfect.  Additionally, Trevor overdubbed with percussion as well, and dug into his collection of almost 200 snare drums to give you the diversity that you need!
The Cinematic Guru:  John Stanley did a masterful job on this product laying the melodics of strings, brass, and sound fx, and other orchestral parts to give it a huge cinematic flavor while maintaining the crucial pocket for the urban parts to break through.  John Stanley’s work has been featured on tons of movies including Man Of Steel and many other major pictures!  He catchy string and brass lines that ensembles together to give you a big feel.  Whether you want to use the sounds individually or in tandem you will be pleased with the results.
Dan Antunovich aka “The Baddest Bass Player From New Zealand” – Dan’s bass grooves are something special on this product, fitting in the pocket, and going straight insane when it’s called for with blazing riffs and activity.
Kamil Rustam aka “String Assassin” has played with everyone, his credits span wide!  He is an absolute monster on guitar, playing in every style imaginable!  The tones that he dialed up on guitar stand out on this product!  He was the perfect guitar player for this product!
The Producer:  Donald Johnson aka “Don P” did what he does best on this product!  He produced, orchestrated, and was there from start to finish making sure that APEX delivered what is sure to be one of the best products released of his career.
What’s In APEX:
20 Kits formatted for MPC X, Live, Touch and Renn
Just load it up and go!
The Sounds:  Big Drums, Live Bass, Live Guitar, Strings, Brass, Orchestral Instruments, and Percussion.
How You Can Use It:  Whether you are working on film and tv, or you are an urban guy who likes to sample, or nearly any other genre we developed APEX in a way in which you can use the product in your production style!
APEX is a must have product!  Download it today!