(Exclusive) Masada Cycle kit 1.5 Special Edition

What are Masada Cycle kits?
Cycle Kits are drum kits that use the cycle triggering method, giving producers an organic “real” drummer feel. Each time you hit a pad, you get a different variation of the sound. That adds live drummer articulation to your production.

Masada Cycle Kit vol. 1 Popularized the Cycle triggering method .Giving users an organic “real ” Drummer feel to their production.As you hit a pad you get a different variation in volume and tamber .Add Live drummer articulation to your production !


A must have for ANY MODERN MPC USER!
16 program banks! Color coded for easy identification of pad contents.
(8) Standard (8) Enhanced giving the user 2 drum kits in one! Sure to give hundreds of sonic combinations and tons of inspiration!
Standard vs Enhanced:Explanation:
The difference between Standard and Enhanced kits.
Standard:no special layering and identified by (S) next to the program
Enhanced:layered with additional sounds. identified by (E) next to the program
Subs used in layers are always in the “B” bank
While snares used in layers are in bank “C”
Hi hats used in layers are always in “D” bank.
Layered samples Volume,layering,pitch ,etc can be altered by adjusting the corresponding pad.
1. Bank A,Pad 1 kick is layed with a sub.
2..That sub will be located on bank B Pad 1.
3. so to adjust the sub under bank A Pad 1
4..just goto Bank B pad 1.
You can load both Enhanced and Standard programs simultaneously.
MPC software will give you a prompt “Some of the samples exist.Replace” This is ok….Press “Replace”…Allow the MPC software to replace the samples.All programs will still playback correctly.

(1) Mpc format .xpn file.It installs a Mpc Expansion for easy access to your new Cycle kit (Btw..The recommend method of installation)
Please note: Cycle features of this kit don’t work in other Daws.Currently the round Robin cycling feature of this kit is exclusive to modern Akai Mpcs.