Marco Scherer Drum Depot – Blck_Noir

Pure analogue drums with a dark soul! The Blck_Noir module by Endorphines features some smacky drums, which were recorded in four variations each and given lovely analogue treatment. Each kit comes with four kicks, snares, hats and toms each, which you can play sequentially to get the most possible analogue feeling. As stated in the modules manual: „There’s no clap in Blck_Noir, because no one claps in hell“. Indeed! The resulting drum kits are perfectly suitable for Electro, Hip-Hop, Synth-Pop, Industrial & Techno.


  • 18 Endorphines Blck_Noir Drum Kits (incl. previews)

  • 18 Sequences (incl. previews)

  • 288 Drum samples

  • Color coded pads for easy use