Five Zero Six Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad MPC Expansion features over 1000 individual scratch samples at multiple (labelled) BPM’s, these samples can easily be time stretched to suite the tempo of your track.
The length of the scratches have been colour coded to make the type of scratch sample easy to find.

Red. 1 beat
Amber. 2 beats
Green. 3 beat
Yellow. 4 beats

By Using the note repeat on the MPC with Scratch Pad and hitting the pads to the groove of your track you can create unique & interesting scratch sounds and FX and can be used on any genre of music (please refer to the demos within this page),

Scratch Pad also features

128 Scratch Sample FX
128 Scratch One Shots
112 Crackles & Pops
32 Spin Backs
32 Turntable Stops

Over 1500 Samples included within Scratch Pad MPC expansion pack.