Divided Souls Productions Soul Trap


Divided Souls Entertainment delivers Soul Trap, a welcomed compliment to the 12 Bit Soul catalog and their take on the world of sounds in trap music with a focus on rumbling basses and a further continuation of the foundation built by the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine. This sound kit packs potency, leaving the producer with core elements needed to get the creativity stirring. The kicks thump, the snares punch, and the stabs provide a foundation for a track to be built from the ground up or stand alone on the strength of the sonic quality. No filler, just the necessary, essential drum sounds you need to go in and make a track that knocks.

The idea of the “trap” has, like so many other aspects within our culture, expanded from street terminology and morphed into an entire sub-genre within Hip Hop. This appropriation is nothing new but a representation of something gritty and hardcore, the underbelly of society. It’s also a place where trunks have been rattling for years with heavy low-end and frenetic percussion courtesy of the classic 808 sound that has become synonymous within the genre. With this latest addition, Divided Souls Entertainment continues to create sounds with an uncompromising edge, just like the trap itself.

Sounds included (140 total):

5 Bass Guitars (Loops)

35 Claps/Percussion/EFX

5 Guitars (Loops)

42 Kicks/808 Sub-Basses

33 Snares

20 Stabs