ADSR sounds Antra

Welcome to ADSR Presents: our new Artist Series, highlighting new and unique producers from within the ADSR community!

This month, ADSR presents ANTRA, an LA-based producer who is breaking boundaries with his unique fusion of original trap sounds with orchestral and melodic elements.

Already recognized for his residency at Avalon Hollywood; catchy flips and edits of popular songs; and most notably, his own creative originals, ANTRA is also set to release his first EP later this year.

Discover this exciting new artist with sounds from his original catalogue and get inspired with some of the freshest sounds in the industry.

ADSR welcomes ANTRA to our brand new Artist series. This sample pack, fully created by ANTRA himself, focuses on his signature blend of melodic components combined with the classic hard-hitting sounds of trap and future bass.

With elements of natural foley recordings, classic drum hits, and smooth 808s, this pack is a go-to for any style of electronic music!

Organic Tonal Loops:

This pack contains great tonal elements that can spice up your production and elevate your mix to sound more textured. These tonal aspects are perfect for generating new song ideas and adding depth to take a drop to extraordinary heights!

Rich Foley Recordings:

Natural field recordings from ANTRA’s travels. These FX and foley add natural ambience and warmth to even the hardest trap productions, perfect for blending the natural world with the industrial!

Universal Drum One-Shots For All Styles And Sounds
Every pack needs a good set of drum one-shots and this one doesn’t disappoint. Antra has crafted an incredible array of drums that fit naturally with all sorts of genres. Explore the harder hitting trap-style snares and kicks, or the lighter textures from hip hop-style hi hats, chilled out claps, and acoustic percussion shots. These drums are perfect for any downtempo style of production!

808 Loops And One-Shots:

Fuse the organic textures of the foley and tonal samples with smooth sounding 808 samples and bass loops. These 808’s are perfect for giving a track the hard-hitting punch it needs!

Pack Contents:

15 Bass Loops/One-shots
24 FX & Foley Ambience
10 Hi-hats
10 Kicks
18 assorted drum loops
16 Snares/claps
30 Tonal Loops/One-shots
17 Tonal Loops
13 Tonal One-shots
16 Vocal FX