Akai Professional welcomes you to the Expansion Exchange     

Join the first Beat Makers sample site for Creating & Selling Sample Packs

Akai Professional welcomes you to the Expansion Exchange, the first ever sample site dedicated to supporting the worldwide sound designer community allowing producers, beat makers and sample providers to “create-upload and sell” their own original sample packs directly to the beat making and producer community.  

Sample content has become the building blocks for today’s beat making process which “The Expansion Exchange, has been specifically designed for. If you’re a producer, sound designer, musician, vocalist, you can now sell your own “exclusive content” providing you a revenue stream to focus on your passion……making music!

Our vision is to support all producers, beat makers, musicians giving them instant access to exclusive original sample packs created by you!

Are you a Producer?

If you’ve ever wanted to monetize your own personal sample? Now you can! Simply format your sounds into Wav & MPC XPN Files adding your original artwork and demo song and you’ll be earning a revenue stream instantly.


Are you a Sound Designer?

If you’re a sound designer or professional sample company, the Expansion Exchange will allow you to reach a new audience globally, showcasing your sample packs first hand.


Are you a Vocalist? 

With vocal samples becoming a key part of today’s production sound, vocalists can now create and upload vocal expansions featuring melodies, hooks, raps as simply Audio Wav Stems to the Expansion Exchange allowing the community to purchase inspirational vocal hooks and melodies.